In 2003 we were inspired. We were inspired by the City of Philadelphia, City Council and Mayor John Street when they said, "Here's 2.5 acres, now go make a skatepark." We talked to our neighbors and friends, community leaders, and an architect. What was imagined was not a skatepark. It was a park, for everyone, that just happens to be skateboard friendly.

So that's where we started.

We got approval from the Art Commission and the Fairmount Park Commission and pushed on to seek further momentum through donations from legislators, businesses and individuals. Together we are building a piece of the Philadelphia of tomorrow.

We're ready. To give our city another reason to say…

Thank You


Skateboarding transcends sport. It is a youth movement. It is $5.2 billion dollar industry. The second fastest growing sport in America. It helped generate over $44 million dollars here in Philadelphia as part of the X Games.

And people from everywhere around the world recognize our city as the soul and spirit of skate. Those people want to say...

Thank You


We found a company that understood what this park could be. Anthony Bracali ARCHitecture wanted to make something unique. Not something that stands out in the neighborhood, but complements it. Something that creates an organic architectural link between the Schuylkill River and the Art Museum, a natural component of the new growth around the Parkway and a beautiful extension of the young, artistic class blossoming in Philadelphia.

We can't build it alone. But together, with your help, we can create something beautiful. And then, everyone will stop, look and say…

Thank You


We have already invested. Our hearts. Our passion. Our time. We have invested ourselves for many reasons. Because of where we see the city going. And because of what we’ve seen accomplished already. So please join us.

Your investment reaches everyone. Not just one type of person or one group, but everyone. It builds on the momentum all around us. From the city-wide WIFI initiative, to the new vibrancy in our neighborhoods, to the expansion of arts and culture, to new passion. new thinking and new life.

And when tomorrow arrives, when it’s here and this place is part of the tapestry of success we’ve all built, we will all stand back and say…

Thank You

Thank You

Paine's Park Project is a symbol of Philly's bright future. A project that captures the momentum we're riding, and wraps around a philosophy of optimism. A revolution of positivity.

That's what the "thank you" campaign is all about.

No matter who you are, you can be a part of the movement. Be part of history. Be part of the future. Be part of a worldwide neighborhood. With any donation, you can say Thank You. To the city. To the spirit inside us all. To the people across Philly and around the world that believe in creativity, optimism, passion and community.

We are asking people to join our "revolution of positivity." To get involved. To help make Paine. And in their own way, say thanks.

Make Paine.

Thank You